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The Ultimate Guide To Supplements

Supplements are key. 

From helping you convert food into fuel, to fortifying bones and eyesight, vitamins and minerals are the star of the health world – they have powerful benefits and can help boost your health from within!

Though living things make vitamins and minerals exist naturally in soil, and water, we get both powerhouses from the foods we eat or supplements we take. It can be challenging to know where to start when it comes to vitamins and minerals. But, whether you want to boost your natural energy levels, strengthen your nails, or improve your wellness, it is possible.

This guide to vitamins & minerals will fill you in on pretty much everything you need to know about such important nutrients that keep us living and smiling!

Firstly, what are vitamins & Minerals?

In simple words, they are substances that your body needs to develop and function normally and to the best of its ability. Every time you work, exercise, or walk to the shops, vitamins and minerals help you do it.

Vitamins are organic compounds, meaning that they are made up of carbon and other elements. Minerals come from rocks, soil and water. Plants absorb these as they grow, and animals then steal those nutrients when they chomp on such plants. They are inorganic elements and they cannot be broken down. This makes them really easy to absorb from food.

You can get all 13 vitamins and both trace and major minerals through the foods you eat. Your body is also capable of synthesising some of them by itself, such as Vitamin D, after exposure to the sun. However, this may not be enough for some people. Supplements can often be used to boost the intake of a particular vitamin or mineral. They can also be used to help maintain already healthy levels.



They help free the energy from the food you eat, making it possible for you to fuel yourself. They are essential to building protein and help cells reproduce. They can even help make collagen to strengthen your skin, build bones, fortify your vision, and combat harmful oxidative damage that might contribute to diseases and health conditions.



They enable your blood to carry oxygen throughout your body and help you achieve fluid balance. Minerals are key players in helping your muscles relax and contract. Interestingly, they also support nerve transmission, help you maintain a steady heartbeat, and are even involved in making DNA. In short, you cannot live without them.

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so what supplements should i take?

Health and wellness are at the forefront of public interest more than ever before. Many of us are looking for ways to protect ourselves from sickness and boost our wellbeing in general. Ensuring you are achieving adequate nutritional and vitamin intake is important all year round but there are a few supplements that are important to stock up on during this season.

Vitamin D 

This has been an ever-trending, spoken about supplements, and it is believed by many within the health and medical industry that Vitamin D deficiencies are on the rise. Vitamin D deficiencies are linked to a lowered immune system as it directly interacts with the cells that are responsible for fighting infection.  There are other significant symptoms such as feeling fatigued, depression, low mood, impaired wound healing and hair loss. 

Vitamin C

For many years, Vitamin C has been categorised as the number one supplement for keeping colds at bay and boosting your immune system’s health. Vitamin C can lessen the severity of cold’s symptoms and shorten the duration of an illness that many of us are susceptible to during the winter months. Vitamin C is also important in winter as it can help protect cells, as well as maintain healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage.  

Omega 3 

Omega 3 is used to make cell membranes, so it is critical in keeping every cell in your body healthy. By having healthy levels of Omega 3, they can work to lower your skin of disease and reduce inflammation. It has also been claimed to help with memory, brain performance and overall behaviour. It is important to have the right levels of Omega 3 as a deficiency can often lead to fatigue, dry skin, mood swings and depression, all of which be worsened during winter. 

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These help to keep your mind and body healthy, and sustain the levels of Vitamin D that your body needs.
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vitamin B12 injections

It aids your digestion, helps you to regulate mood, and assists in maintaining a healthy immune system.
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One of our favourite products to use to support the wellbeing of our skin, hair and nails are the Proto-Col Collagen Shots.  These innovative collagen drinks combine VERISOL – a Bioactive Collagen Peptide – with nourishing vitamins and minerals including vitamins B6, C & E, zinc, biotin and copper. Clinically proven to reduce the visible signs of ageing, this deliciously fruity collagen shot acts as a daily food supplement that supports your body’s own collagen formation. Because you drink them, Collagen Shots influence the skin’s collagen metabolism directly from the inside. Each 50ml bottle delivers 5000mg of collagen, making it one of the most potent collagen drinks on the market. 

These incredible collagen shots not only help reveal smoother, firmer and plumper skin and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkle but can provide so many more benefits.  

The Proto-Col Clinical Shots contain Copper which contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissues and the normal function of the immune system. The Vitamin E in this incredible supplement acts as an antioxidant and has valuable anti-inflammatory properties and contributes to cell renewal. Zinc, biotin, and Vitamin C all work to strengthen your hair, skin and of course, promote the production of collagen.  

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Many of us also seek ways to heal and improve our gut health and immune system; the Proto-Col Green Magic superfood mix is one of our favourite products at VieDerma for exactly this reason. A unique blend of superfoods, with each serving contributing to your five-a-day as well as helping to combat tiredness, supporting the function of a healthy immune system, good gut bacteria and promoting cardiovascular health. It is an easy way in our ever-busy lifestyles to get many of the nutrients that your body needs without the fuss.  

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Which supplements should not be taken together?

In recent years, it has become extremely popular to take supplements to improve health or prevent disease. However, not many of us are aware that certain supplement and/or vitamins should not be taken together.  

Vitamin C & Vitamin B12

Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant for immune system health. Vitamin B-12 helps to maintain your nervous system and form red blood cells. There are some studies that suggest that taking these two supplements at the same time may reduce the amount of Vitamin B-12 that you receive. If you really do wish to take these together, you should take them at least two hours apart.  

Folic Acid & Vitamin B12

While both of these are B vitamins, taking too much Folic acid or Folate can actually hide the symptoms of a Vitamin B12 deficiency. 

Copper & zinc

If you are taking Copper supplements due to a Copper deficiency, you should avoid taking Zinc at the same time. Zinc in general helps to boost the immune system but it can interfere with your body’s absorption of Copper. If you feel like or have been recommended to take both of these supplements, take them at least two hours apart. 

Iron & calcium

Supplements containing calcium, or antacids containing Calcium should not be taken with iron, as this decreases iron absorption. It is recommended to wait 1-2 hours between taking each supplement.

is it possible to take too many supplements?

Supplements are not generally considered to be harmful, but it is possible to take too many. Levels of fat-soluble vitamins can accumulate within fat cells, particularly Vitamin A can have negative side effects. Some supplements can interact with prescription medications so please speak to your GP if you have concerns with taking certain supplements.

IV drip & Vitamin infusions

Whether you’re young, old, active or chained to a desk, your body still needs essential nutrients to function.

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