VieMax Sculpt

VieMax Sculpt

shape and sculpt your body with viemax ems body contouring.

what is viemax sculpt?

Shape and sculpt your body with our VieMax Sculpt EMS Body Contouring, a non-surgical revolution in muscle building and fat burning. 

Whether you’re looking to achieve a six-pack, enhance your buttocks or strengthen your arms and legs, our revolutionary VieMax Sculpt EMS procedures can help you hit your goals quickly and safely. 

During the 20 to 30 minute sessions, electromagnetic energy is targeted at specific muscles, forcing them to contract. This not only triggers muscle growth, but also eliminates fat.

In just one VieMax Sculpt EMS session, your body can perform the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups and squats – all while lying down and with no recovery period.

Clinical trials have shown that fat is reduced by 19% and muscle mass is increased by 16%. This treatment is also ideal for regaining your strength and fitness while recovering from a sports injury or illness, or helping you get back to into shape and improve your self-confidence. 

VieMax Sculpt is completely non-invasive and can be used by both men and women in the following areas:

  • abdomen 
  • Buttocks
  • Shoulders and arms
  • Thighs 
  • Hamstring

It is interesting to note that this treatment can also be combined with other non-invasive body contouring procedures for tackling larger areas of stubborn fat. 

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Book your free in-clinic, phone or video consultation.


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how does viemax sculpt work?
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Our advanced EMS Body Contouring machine uses high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to build muscle mass and burn fat. During procedures, patients are asked to lie down while two panels are attached to the treated areas with a special band.

The EMS machine produces pulses of electromagnetic energy that is delivered through the skin. This works on two levels. Firstly, the energy causes 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions during a single 30-minute session. As a result, your muscles are worked out to an extent and intensity that is not possible at the gym or during regular exercise. Such stimulation causes your muscles to gradually build in volume and density. In addition, your strength is also improved.

Secondly, ViEMax Sculpt EMS Body Contouring also triggers a fat-destroying process known as lipolysis. Fat cells react to the pulses of HIFEM energy, causing them to die. This is very effective for toning specific areas, such as the abdominals and buttocks. Ours is the only non-invasive technology capable of burning fat and building muscle simultaneously.

Who is suitable for ViEMax Sculpt EMS Body Contouring?

ViEMax Sculpt EMS Body Contouring is a toning/sculpting procedure and is suitable for men and women, of most adult ages, with no more than one inch of body fat around their abdomen (or different, depending on the area being treated). In cases of more stubborn fat, our doctor may recommend one of our other body sculpting procedures first, such as Body Sculpting with VieCryo Fat Freezing, in order to eliminate excess fat before toning with our EMS procedures. Your suitability and goals will be discussed with you during your initial comprehensive consultation with the doctor. In addition, a treatment plan will be created especially for you and will be constantly reviewed during each session.

Note that ViEMax Sculpt EMS Body Contouring is also ideal if you are:

How long does the treatment take to work?

Your body will react during your VieMax Sculpt EMS Body Contouring treatment and you may notice some improvements one day after a session. However, results will continue to improve over the following weeks as muscle mass develops.

To achieve the full effect of breaking down fat and increasing muscle mass, you will need at least four ViEMax Sculpt treatments. You will likely see the full results two to four weeks after you have completed your course. At this point, fat in the targeted area can be reduced by 19% and muscle mass increased by 16%.

What is the downtime of VieMax Sculpt EMS Body Contouring?

Besides feeling the effects of a workout and some muscle tiredness, there is no downtime. ViEMax Sculpt EMS Body Contouring treatments are entirely non-invasive.

Does ViEMax Sculpt EMS Body Contouring hurt?

There is no pain, no needles and no anaesthetic. However, after each session, you may feel similar to how you would following an intense workout. This of course, may be regarded as a feeling of satisfaction!

How many sessions of ViEMax Sculpt EMS Body Contouring are needed?

As standard practice, we recommend two ViEMax Sculpt EMS Body Contouring treatments a week over a four-week period. That is typically a complete course. However, this may differ depending on your own individual needs and goals. This will be discussed with you during your consultation and free reviews. As always, our doctor will help you create a treatment plan tailored towards your own needs and goals.

Note that your body continues to reap the benefits of the treatment in the ensuing weeks as your muscle continues to respond and build. On average, most people achieve their final outcome around four weeks after their last session.

It may be recommended that you repeat our EMS Body Contouring courses every two to three months in order to maintain optimal results.

How long do viemax sculpt sessions last?

Each ViEMax Sculpt EMS Body Contouring session takes 20 – 30 minutes. Our machine has programmes for up to four “workouts”. That means your targeted muscles will reap the benefits of what are effectively four different types of exercise.

Each VieMax Sculpt EMS Body Contouring session performs the following:

Are there any contraindications for ViEMax Sculpt EMS Body Contouring?

Please note that the following patients will not be suitable for ViEMax Sculpt EMS Body Contouring treatments:

The treatment is not suitable for the following body areas:

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