Relife Definisse Peels

Relife Definisse Peels

relife definisse peels

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what are the definisse peels?

ReLife Definisse is a new aesthetic range providing a natural, personalised approach to anti-ageing.  The Definisse Peel Programme can be used to refine the skin’s texture, gently and effectively with minimal downtime. 

The Definisse Peel Program includes a choice of pre-peels for different skin types and a choice of targeted peels for varying patient concerns, working together to give a multilevel, synergistic effect. This great synergy of action allows to reduce the concentration of the active ingredients in the application, thus reducing damage to the skin structures treated and promoting faster repair of the skin. 

With pre-peels for oily and dry skin types, you have the choice of a classic of lightening peel, and a delicate neutralising buffer to finish.

definisse peel program range
The multi-level skin resurfacing modalities in a 3-step chemical peel program in a fixed dose combination of effective ingredients for greater clinical result.
Definisse oily skin pre-peel 

Definisse oily skin pre=peel is indicated for combination-oily and acne-prone skin. 

The pre-peel cleanses the skin with a degreasing effect and evens out the skin’s pH. 

Definisse dry skin pre-peel 

Definisse dry skin pre-peel is indicated for thin, dry and sensitive skin. The pre-peel cleanses the skin gently and evens out the skin’s pH. 

Definisse classic peel

Definisse classic peel is indicated for the treatment of:

  • Photoageing
  • Superficial actinic wrinkles
  • Post-acne skin imperfections
  • Superficial scars
  • Stretch marks 

It allows a multi-level synergic action due to 3 main components:

Definisse lightening peel

Definisse lightening peel has the same indications as Definisse classic peel plus the following:

  • Localised hypermelanosis
  • Melasma from pregnancy or contraceptives 
  • Melanotic pigmentation 
  • Marks caused by photo-ageing 

The Lightening Peel contains the same active ingredients as the classic peel but also two extra ingredients contribute to the brightening of skin spots caused by melanotic hyperpigmentation:

  • Lumiskin 
  • Sepiwhite 
Definisse neutralising buffer

This is applied after the peel and effectively but delicately neutralises acids that remain on the skin, maintaining the skin’s natural pH.

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Book your free in-clinic, phone or video consultation.


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how do the relife definisse peels work?


The pre-peel chosen is dependent on your skin type. This is applied evenly on all the areas to be treated using cotton wool or a gauze and any excess removed.

2. Chemical Peel

The peel is applied to your skin using a fan brush. After two minutes, a whitish coating will appear which is due to the solvent evaporating. Depending on the desired effect your doctor may repeat the application of the chemical peel. 

3. Neutralising Buffer

The neutralising buffer is applied to the skin using a fan brush to the areas of the skin that have been treated:

This will be left on for a few minutes and then removed with cotton wool or a gauze. A soothing cream can then be applied – there is no need to rinse!

You may experience a brief burning sensation and redness may occur immediately after the peel.

how long do the definisse peels take to work? / how many sessions do i need?

You will notice improvements straight after your Relief Definisse Peels. Your skin will appear and feel more refreshed with a beautiful glow. However, it is important to note that results are cumulative. Your skin will continue to improve after each facial treatment. Obviously,  how quick the treatment works will depend on the type of concern you are treatment.


Our therapists suggest at least a course of 2 to see the maximum results of these incredible peels!

what is the downtime of the relife definisse peels?

The exfoliation caused by the peeling thins the skin surface layers and you can experience some dryness, thus it is important to care for the skin during the days following the peel (post-peel phase).

The following is recommended:

• adequate sun protection during the day

• moisturising and nourishing products

• delicate cleansers

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