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WHAT IS the fire & ice facial?

If you desire the smooth, radiant complexion that you often see on celebrities, then the Fire & Ice Facial from iS Clinical could be for you.

Hailed as the “Red Carpet Treatment” and championed by A-list superstars such as Halle Berry, the Fire & Ice Facial is a powerful, medical-grade treatment designed to leave you with nothing but fresh, glowing skin. It achieves this by effectively resurfacing the uppermost layer of your skin and promoting cellular renewal underneath.

The Fire & Ice Facial is effective at combating the signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles. It can also be used to treat other skin issues such as acne, hyperpigmentation and rosacea. During your no-obligation consultation, our skin expert will help you decide whether it’s the right treatment for you.

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Book your free in-clinic, phone or video consultation.


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how does the fire & ice facial work?

The Fire & Ice Facial works like a cross between a peel and a facial, combining the benefits of both treatments. Two special masques are applied to your skin with a neutralisation stage in between.

The first masque is the Intensive Resurfacing Masque, which is the treatment’s “Fire”. Inside it is a rich medley of botanical and clinical ingredients such as anxtioxidants, retinol, Niacinamide (vitamin B) and glycolic acid. The masque is applied to the skin for several minutes, which gentle removes its top layer (the epidermis) and boosts the production of collagen below for strong, healthy skin. It’s a powerful product, that delivers a warm, tingling feeling.

The “Ice” is the Rejuvenating Masque. In this are potent antioxidants, Aloe Vera, and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, plus green tea, grape seed, and rosemary extracts. Together, these ingredients calm, replenish and hydrate your skin, and leave it feeling great.


how long does it take for fire & ice to work?

Your skin will look and feel refreshed straight after treatment, leaving you with a desirable glow.

what is the downtime?

The Fire & Ice Facial has no downtime. It’s a relatively mild treatment meaning that you should not experience any significant shedding, prolonged redness, irritation or inflammation. However, in the immediate hours following the treatment, the skin may look a little flushed. This should subside in approximately four to six hours.

does the fire & ice facial hurt?

Some patients may find the application of the Intensive Resurfacing Masque (“Fire”) a little strange or discomforting at first, but the sensations are not usually unpleasant, and the product only remains on the skin for several minutes.

how many sessions of fire & ice do i need?

Depending on your own situation, The Fire & Ice Facial can be used as a one-off treat, or it can be part of an ongoing skincare regimen. Our skin therapist will discuss your goals with you during your initial no-obligation consultation. If the treatment is being used for a specific skin concern, such as acne, then our expert will help you create an appropriate and tailored plan to help you achieve your desired outcome. Note that your progress is monitored through free reviews.



Prepare your skin with the skincare regimen recommended by your practitioner. Avoid waxing or laser for 48 hours prior to your treatment.


The Fire & Ice treatment bridges the gap between mild facials and invasive peels. It is likely that you will feel heat and tingling while the peel is in contact with the skin. This can increase after the masque is removed. However, after neutralisation and the subsequent application of the Rejuvenating ‘Ice’ mask, the skin calms almost entirely.



The Fire & Ice is a “no downtime” treatment. This means you shouldn’t experience any significant shedding, prolonged redness, irritation or inflammation. However, in the immediate hours following the treatment, the skin may look a little flushed.

This should subside in approximately four to six hours.


If a reaction is suspected or inflammation persists for longer than 24 hours please consult your therapist.
Taking care of yourself after the procedure is crucial. By following the above you will enjoy your results for longer.

Tricia P

I’ve just had my third AquaFacial treatment at Vie with the lovely Amie. I’m so pleased to have found this gem of a place! The staff are friendly and professional and I love the high quality products that are used on my skin. Can’t wait to return!

Review from Google

Jen S

Always amazing service from Dr Liakas. Very happy. AquaFacial is the best I have had. Love Jen X

Review from Pabau

Shirley M

An amazing AquaFacial! Staff so attentive and I felt so good when I left. Skin so clear and soft. Thoroughly recommended. Will be going back.

Review from Google

Donna C

The facial and hand treatment has made such a difference to my skin it has increased my self confidence immensely. The staff are all friendly and helpful creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Thank you so much for everything.

Review from Google

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