Cryopen Therapy

Cryopen Therapy

cryopen therapy

what is cryopen therapy?

Cryopen therapy can help you eliminate skin imperfections with minimal fuss and worry. This revolutionary method literally freezes imperfections off, eventually leaving you with fresh and clear skin. 

Cryopen therapy can be used to treat any of the following types of skin imperfections:

  • Skin tags
  • Solar lentigo 
  • Age spots
  • Milia 
  • Warts
  • Cherry angioma 
  • Viral verrucae 

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Book your free in-clinic, phone or video consultation.


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how does cryopen therapy work?

Cryopen therapy is a type of cryotherapy, a medical procedure in which skin imperfections are literally frozen and killed. Using a special device known as the CryoPen, our doctor sends a fine jet of nitrous oxide to the skin imperfection, causing its underlying tissue to crystallise, shatter and then eventually die. The problem cells’ reproductive DNA is also destroyed, ensuring that your skin abnormality is gone for good. The process usually takes around a few weeks. 

A key benefit of our CryoPen treatments is its accuracy, the nitrous oxide is applied at millimetre precision, which means no surrounding healthy skin is affected. 

how long do cryopen procedures last?

Although procedure times vary depending on the size and depth of the targeted area, applications still only last between one to thirty seconds. You should be finished and ready to go in a couple of minutes!

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how long does cryopen therapy take to work?

Over time, the cells targeted in cryotherapy sessions will shrivel and die. It typically takes a few weeks for you to enjoy the final result, but this can vary depending the size and type of the lesion hat you want removed. For example, skin tags turn black at the base and normally drop off after four weeks. 

what is the downtime for cryopen therapy?

During the recovery period, you may experience some minor side-effects while the skin heals. These usually include sensitivity in the treated area and possible minor blistering, the latter of which can last for anything between a few hours to a few days. However, our cryotherapy device provides the best protection against blistering. You should always avoid touching or picking at the treated area following a procedure. 

Please note that while the skin heals, the area may also appear darker in colour. This is natural and the skin will soon return to your natural tones.

does cryopen therapy hurt?

Any discomfort with CryoPen therapy is relatively minimal and fleeting. You will likely experience a slight stinging nettle-type sensation during treatment. This is caused by the nitrous oxide striking its target and only lasts a few seconds. However, some residual stinging may persist for a minute or two afterwards, which is perfectly natural. 

how many treatments of cryopen are needed?

It should be expected that only one CryoPen treatment is enough. However, in some cases, a follow-up procedure may be required, and this will be monitored and advised by your physician during your free reviews. For example, a wart or verruca has not disappeared after four weeks, the area may need a subsequent round of treatment. 

who is suitable for this treatment?

Our cryotherapy procedures with the CryoPen are quick and efficient, and relatively risk-free. However, it may not be suitable for people with other conditions such as collagen and autoimmune disease and rheumatoid arthritis. It is also not suitable for women during pregnancy, nor on areas that have previously been treated with dermal fillers. 

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