Comfort Zone Aromasoul

embark on a journey of four distinct worlds.

Unwind and indulge with our tempting range of relaxing, luxurious massages including the unique Comfort Zone Aromasoul massage.

Our therapists are trained in a variety of techniques, ensuring that your can find exactly what you were looking for to feel renewed and radiant, while soothing sore muscles and relieving stress.

Spa experts say that a 60-minute massage is equivalent to eight hours of sleep for the body. Massages have an endless array of benefits from relaxing body muscles to improving circulation and relieving tension and stress. 
INtroducing the comfort zone aromasoul massage…

Brought to you by Comfort Zone, the Aromasoul massage is one of a kind.


When aromatic molecules come into contact with the membranes of the nose, they activate the olfactory perception which is elaborated with a stimulation from the brain in various parts, and in particular, the seat of thought, emotions and human behaviour. The aromatic substance provokes a unique sensation which doesn’t exactly coincide with that which is linked to the chemical-physical aspect of the same substance.

this massage is recommended for...
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Travelling to new time zones
  • Unable to relax or have trouble sleeping 
  • All ages
  • Muscle pains
  • Renewed energy
  • A burst of relaxation and sense of balance & wellbeing.
If you are a fan of relaxing massages, the comfort zone aromasoul will be your new favourite thing, and the silky texture of the blended oils leave skin feeling velvety soft & hydrated. What else could you want?

How To Book


Book your free in-clinic, phone or video consultation.


Book your free in-clinic, phone or video consultation.


Pay a visit to one of our clinics in London, Essex & Germany.

what does the comfort zone aromasoul massage entail?

From the search of values of faraway places, emerges AROMASOUL, a ritual which takes the client on a journey of four distinct worlds: the exotic Oriental cultures, the vibrant and warm diversity of the Mediterranean, the multi-colored world and life philosophy of India and the ancient mesmerizing world of the desert tribes, the Berbers, for a complete sensorial experience, a journey of strength, discovery, vitality and ultimately a profound sense of grounding. Each journey begins with the selection of the essential oil blend by the guest and then the massage ritual begins with an extraordinary cocktail of techniques from these four worlds of AROMASOUL. 

why do we use essential oils?

When stimulated for a beneficial purpose, the sense of smell is a powerful ally to realign the nervous and endocrine systems and to render the mind and body ready for a relaxing, rebalancing experience. 

Products of the plant’s metabolism, essential oils are found in leaves, resides, branches, flowers and peels of fruit. They are considered the soul of the plant, as they result, by means of special processes of the extraction, from the energetic essence of the plant itself. Their action is never only limited and highly specific, but a true systemic treatment.

The composition of a natural essence is much more complex than the sum of its components. In fact, essences chemically reproduced in the laboratory generate a mix only apparently similar to the original, with different effects and limitations. 

the olfactory pyramid

The fresh and vibrant tones of the essential oils of basil, lemon cypress, and mandarin together with anise and lavender, combat stress, ease tension and promote renewed energy to body and mind.


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